Items on the lists below can be purchased at the museum or through this site.  Checks can be made out and mailed to The Friends of Lyon Mountain, P.O. Box 262, Lyon Mountain, New York  12952

Please make checks payable to Friends of Lyon Mountain for the following items, Thank you.
(tax included in prices)

T-Shirts--$16.00   2xLG--$18.00                                          Paintings on original slate roof
Sweatshirts:$22.00 2xLG-$24.00                                     tiles:  $30.00

Bob Lobdell’s 2012 Calendars--$11                                    Lyon Mountain and Chazy Lake                       
Earlier year’s calendars--$5.50                                           coffee cups    $8.00

Black and White Notecards--$.50                                      Pins and Badges:  $6.50

Photo Note Cards of the Area                                                Touch of Human Hands
By Vreni DeBeaufort-----$3.75                                              by J.R. Linney     $50.00

Lyon Mountain Brochure--$3.00                                     Old Picture Magnets--$.50

                Rocks and Minerals Magazine                                                             $10.00

                The Old Guide’s Story                                                                                 $50.00

                Mining For Soul’s                                                                                          $15.00

                Chateaugay Ore and Iron Company                                              $20.00

                The Chateaugay Iron Mine-Lyon Mt., NY                                   $ 8.00
                By Paul Zimmer

                Chazy Lake                                                                                                        $12.00
                Facts, Fiction and Folklore

                The Saranac Valley                                                                                   $35.00

                Where Did The Tracks Go?                                                                    $25.00

                 Chateaugay Lake                                                                                       $25.00

                  Kin of Cain                                                                                                     $20.00
                  by Douglas Kashorek                                                                            

Books Written or Published by Larry Gooley

Please make checks payable to Bloated Toe Enterprises for any of Mr. Gooley’s books, Thank you.

                The Tragedy of a Mining Town                                                           $22.00

                Out of the Darkness                                                                                    $26.00

                The Battle of Plattsburgh
                Question and Answer Book                                                                   $24.00

                Oliver’s War                                                                                                     $24.00

                One Foot Forward                                                                                       $22.00

                Terror In the Adirondacks                                                                     $24.00

                Only Game In Town                                                                                   $24.00
                History of Churubusco                                                                            $26.00

                A History of the Altona Flat Rock                                                   $24.00

               Adirondack & North Country Gold                                                 $28.00
               50+ New & True Stories You're
               Sure to Love

               Little Champy Goes to School                                                            $20.00
               by Gordie Little