The Friends of Lyon Mountain, Inc. got its origin from the efforts of a group of local people who became increasingly concerned that the history of the area was being lost.  At this same time  Chateaugay Lakes Arts Association had already been formed as a Not-For-Profit organization to promote music and the arts in the Chateaugay Region.  It was under the "Umbrella" of the Chateaugay Lakes Arts Assoc. that the first of five "Heritage Days" took place.  The first of these days (1998), centered around the history of mining.  The Railroad history of the area, baseball, the history of  Chateaugay Lake itself and the history of the Famous People who frequented the area along with the history of Children's Camps on the Chateaugay Lakes were highlighted in subsequent years.

A large number of archives began to accumulate.  It was thought that a place should be obtained to house all the things that people had worked hard to gather.  The Friends of Lyon Mountain, Inc.  was formed in 1999. One of the members purchased the old D&H Railroad Station in Lyon Mountain and grants were applied for to clean and restore the building to its original form.

Argus Architecture and Preservation from Cohoes helped plan the renovation. Another generous benefactor paid to have the roof replaced.  The Friends of Lyon Mountain Mining and Railroad Museum was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

The group received a matching funds grant from New York State Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and by 2006 the D&H Railroad Station was repainted its original colors, the original floor plan was reestablished and the historic ceilings, ceiling fixtures, windows and doors were in place.  The museum was ready for displays. 

Our first season for public viewing was in 2008.  The Men’s waiting room was used to display mining history; the lady’s waiting room housed company town artifacts from both Lyon Mountain and Standish and the baggage room held railroad memorabilia.  In the next few years minor changes were made to the displays.  Nathanial Lyon’s family donated a display, the Slatery family created a Standish Store exhibit, and in 2010 a diorama that depicted the workings of the mines above and below ground, was created by Bill Kissam and Jim Davis from Westport.

In 2011, it was felt that a larger display change should take place.  The woman’s waiting room was completely changed to acknowledge the history of Chateaugay and Chazy Lakes.